Lunar Rescue

Mr Chip

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

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Lunar Rescue has been missing for some time and is currently missing from Gamebase 64. It was advertised by Mr Chip in around 1983/84 time and featured in an advert in Home Computing Weekly.

A game of the same name was released for the Vic 20 by Rabbit Software, and Mr Chip did offer Rabbit Software based games at the time for sale. Was it a conversion of the Vic 20 game? If so, we are looking at a simple title which has your ship falling to a planet surface, where you can land on a number of pads with X2, X3 etc for points. Very similiar to Jupiter Lander, but with an asteroid belt you must fall through.

In Gamebase, there is another Lunar Rescue game, but we don’t think it is the same title…

Information is otherwise very sparse, and therefore we need to do a lot more research. Did this game actually get released and we just haven’t found it yet?… who knows…

Where is this game?…

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2 Responses to Lunar Rescue

  1. HBH says:

    Found an old advertisement from Mr. Chip. Here’s a scan. It contains the artwork and box for the Lunar Rescue title. Perhaps it was a very poor vic20 conversation and they scrapped it, but possibly (or most hopefully lol) a few samples leaked out to the audience, some magazine writers. At least the original artwork seems to be made. Now let’s search out the artist that Mr. Chip used and get him to spill the beans ๐Ÿ˜€

    Got to say I love these little hunts for old databytes aka games as most people call them.

    • fgasking says:

      Thanks HBH, great find! I do wonder if it was the Rabbit Software game of the same name, another possibility is that it was Shaun Southern who did it. We’ll see hopefully in time ๐Ÿ™‚

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