Mountain Combaters

Maham Samanpajouh

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

You may remember another entry called Beauty and The Beast, which was an unofficial licence of the Disney film, and rather oddly done within the Last Ninja engine.

Well, not long after finishing with Beauty and The Beast, the same team started to develop another game using the Last Ninja engine called Mountain Combaters. It was more of the same, with a different main character and story line – but with technical advances over Beauty and The Beast. The level graphics engine was done by Maham Samanpajouh.

We know little else just now about the game, and Maham is in the process of compiling what he has into executable form. For now, he has very kindly passed on a copy of the introduction sequence that was produced early on to give a glimpse.

In addition to this, we have a few screenshots which you can see seem to be heavily influenced by Last Ninja 3, or at least borrow some elements here and there. Overall, the game looks very interesting and we can’t wait to see more of it.

We should hopefully learn more soon about the game, but for now check out the intro sequence for a taster.

Contributions: Maham Samanpajouh

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Creator speaks

Maham Samanpajouh talks about work on Mountain Combaters:

“We started to develop an other game named “Mountain Combaters” after Beauty and The Beast but the game never completed because it was too late. Basically, the game was ISOMETRIC like LN series and It was technically more advance than Beauty and The Beast. I manage to use raster techniques a lot and a level graphics engine like LN. Some Screenshots and an Initial Intro is available.

I attached some screenshots from the Mountain Combaters. Since a long time has passed from the last time I was involved with the code. I am trying to prepare an executable code.”

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