Marc In Wonderland


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Marc In Wonderland is the beginning of what possibily could have been a great game, but we can’t really tell from a preview of this early stage.

The only thing you can do move this blond haired guy called Marc around a single screen set of platforms, and that is it. It looks good enough, but there is a severe lack of anything to get excited about.

We are guessing that this game lost interest very early in development, and the developers moved on and did something else (even left the C64). This is probably all that ever was created.

Nicolas Stark in 2012 stepped forward and shed some light on what was not actually meant to be a proper game!…

"Marc in Wonderland (no idea who made up the name, but I never named it that way ;D ) was merely a test-routine for platform grafix and sprites.The sprite was actually a placeholder and never meant to be used in a game anyway."

So sadly there is nothing more to find on this title – it is confirmed as a test routine and nothing more. Even the title was made up by someone else :-)

Case closed!

Contributions: Peter Sandén, Nicolas Stark

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