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Another puzzler which seems to be a tile based game in the style of Sensitive (CF powerpack 17). We assumed at first that this preview was a little unplayable, as nothing much happens – but Artur corrects us later on. Graphically it all seems to be there with titles and some nice ingame graphics. Therefore this preview must be fairly advanced.

The game’s author, Artur Bujdoso had the following to say to GTW about the game:

“I’ve come across to your site and discovered an old game attempt of mine.

The story was the same as in the case of lot young kids in the C64-era in eastern-europe. We had knowledge, made a few demos but had no contacts to game-companies so we made a small demo-game and tried to find contact through “friends”….or so we thought. This is the result of few weeks of work, and having no better idea than doing a “recoloring” game but with three passes (yes, this demo is playable, and even has an end sequence) so the player needs to pass all the fields twice, in order to paint them – to a certain color which I don’t really remember now.

We sent it to someone (forgot the name) who promised to introduce us with it to a game company. Guess what we felt when we saw it later with a crackintro in front of it.

It was the end of our (me and my cousin’s) attempt to produce a game. Later, Attila lost interest in C64 and our “hobby” was never really admitted in our family, at that time.”

It seems that sadly the game was never completed as a result and only reached really this stage. At least something has survived, but hopefully Artur may someday dig out more of his game…

Download and check it out…

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