Mattie Goes Mining

Bug Byte

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This is a surprising title which hasn’t really been discussed as a missing Matthew Smith game, and really it isn’t much to do with Matthew apart from improving one of his games on the Commodore 64 and was most likely a bit of a dig at Matthew Smith when he went to Software Projects and took Manic Miner with him.

The idea for this title was to improve upon the C64 version of Manic Miner. This may have included the use of multi-colour graphics and other graphical and sonic improvements.

According to a news article about the title, the game was at an “advanced state of development” at the time of them writing. There were stated to also be “many improvements” to the original game to take advantage of the C64 infrastructure over the ZX Spectrum.

Additionally (thanks to Andrew Nicklin!) in PC Games 1984, the following news snippet was given:

“Bug-byte hope to have a replacement for Manic Miner in the shops by early spring. The program, to be called Matty Goes Mining, will be a multi-level game for the Commodore 64.

Nasty things will happen to Cabbage Patch Dolls and many well-known figures in the computer industry will be lampooned. The program is written by Wayne Quinn, who is not a Hollywood cowboy star but a 16-year-old Liverpudlian.”

So at last we get a credit confirmation, and its the developer!…. Now how far did it get?

This was all that was ever heard of the game, and it never surfaced anywhere. Certainly if it was at an advanced state, then we’d like to see and find out what happened to it.

Matthew was quizzed on this title and didn’t know anything about it unsurprisingly, but we now have a coder link.

Do you know any more about this game?

Contributions: Andrew Nicklin, Dasse, Fabrizio Bartoloni

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16/12/19 – Scans and details added thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni (see comments)

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