Double Density

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Ah nooooo…. not another puzzler!… The 10,000th puzzler i’ve had to go through for GTW, i’m sure!

It’s also another game that came with no instructions, so i’m not sure what you have to do. After some fiddling around with the game, I was only able to produce some strange shapes on the screen.

Apparently being created by Double Density, who produced some great little C64 games for the German market, this one has the graphical polish of their games, and their typical style.

This seems to be an early preview, as there are no titles or anything apart from the actual game itself, which doesn’t seem to be very playable.

No credits are present, so another game that should take some work to find out more about.

Puzzling pleasure at its most puzzling…

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