Mayhem Deluxe


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Any C64 user will know who and what Mayhem is. Rated as one of the best games ever made (Although contested by some people), Mayhem was planning a comeback briefly in a new outing called "Mayhem Deluxe".

The Apex boys talked about plans to bring up an updated version of Mayhem, complete with new levels, new enemies, remixed levels, new tunes, minor improvements and maybe even a level editor. This was all depending on how good the sales of the first game were.

Although sales of the game were very good, it seems Mayhem Deluxe was merely an idea which lost its way. It was a good idea, but after all the sales of Mayhem, it looked like the C64 was dying out and the Apex boys had to move on… and so they did. Mayhem did surface on the Mobile phones recently in ‘Mayhem’s Magic Dust’, but the C64 sequel was sadly never to be… and never will be for that matter…. ah well…

It is not known yet if anything was ever started on a sequel, though its highly unlikely that it ever was. We will be asking questions soon, so hopefully we can either close the case or have a case to chase… we shall see.

Case closed for now…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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