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Our next game in the GTW64 archives is a title that was being developed in Norway during 1988 by the developer of Timecruncher, Matcham.

Datormagazin did a feature on a copyparty that was being ran in Stjørdal during October of that year. In the feature they showcased a screenshot of Matcham’s new game called Maximum Retaliation (just showing the loading screen). Here they described the game as being a very action-packed shoot-em-up where you move through underground tunnels with your spaceship.

The game was described as having a very healthy (and smooth) scrolling routine in 32 directions, with good graphics and self produced music. Matcham would be on coding duties, with graphics and music done by Olav Mørkrid and Henning Rokling who were at the copy party. According to the magazine, it was expected that the game would be finished by Christmas.

Unfortunately nothing more seemed to happen with the game and it would completely disappear. It seems staggering to think that this very promising game didn’t get picked up by someone – so what happened to it?

Thanks to Anonymous Contributor, we learn that the music was released into the scene in 1989 by the composers. This indicates that the game was likely cancelled by that point.

It’s early days, but we are hoping to hear from Matcham soon to find out more. Watch this space, and hopefully we’ll some day be able to bring you more of this promising sounding game.

Contributions: Andreas Wallström, Anonymous Contributor

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