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XLCUS has done a lot for the Commodore 64 scene in its hour of need… As the C64 was dying… Paul Kubiszyn was busy producing as many quality titles as possible. Even though sadly it was not quite enough to save the scene commercially… Paul, along with others, kept a steady flow of new and exciting titles.

Along the way, Paul had a few casulties with his releases.. and Mega Molecules is one of them which makes its way into the GTW vault.

Mega Molecules is the result of a piece of code created after the days of Commodore Format Powerpack games, and was created in mind to be part of a demo or a little stand alone game in its own right.

After sitting on a disk for many years, it wasn’t until Richard Bowen of ex-Commodore Scene magazine saw it and asked about using it on their covermount. Paul agreed, and set to work tidying up the game and creating levels to make the game playable.

Even though not a completly finished or polished game, it was something new and quite playable. Featuring some simplistic graphics, effect speech like sounds and ever so simple playability. You just had to shoot the Molecules, in Crazy Comets fashion :)

This is all that remains of a little idea that never quite made it to a proper game, but did make it into a little game for the readers of Commodore Scene. Read Paul’s own account on the game in "Creator Speaks".

Case closed…

Contributions: Paul Kubiszyn

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Creator speaks

Paul Kubiszyn speaks to GTW about work on Molecules...

"To be quite honest this was work in progress quite some time after the demise of Commodore Format.

I think originally it was going to be written as demo / megademo with the game featuring between parts. It sat around on my disks for yonks and yonks until one day I sent it to Richard Bowen (Ex. Commodore
Scene editor), he asked what it was and whether he might be able to use it on CS.

I spent about 2 weeks in my spare time tidying it up and linking the levels together to make something that was playable and bam, onto the CS coverdisk it went."

Paul Kubiszyn .

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