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Gore was a rather interesting idea which was being developed in 1990 by DMA Designs, the guys behind the famous Lemmings, which was to follow a year after this game.

The game was to be similiar to Golden Axe, with a side on view, impressive animations for the main axe-weilding character, and about 3 layers of parallax. These are based on descriptions of the Amiga version also in development.

It was an ambitious game which kept growing and growing. Mike Dailly was assigned to the C64 conversion of the game and got a few sprites moving on the screen. It was a character in the end made up of 4 by 2 sprites with a nice multiplexor working.

However, the Amiga version hit many problems, as the guys got more ambitious and started to run out of memory. It was felt that 1mb was going to be needed to run this game, and at that time 1mb games were not common enough.

DMA Design shelved the game indefinately, and hence Mike was dragged off the project to work elsewhere.

All that might have been done were a few sprites bouncing around the screen with some slight scrolling, but nothing more. We are hopeful that Mike finds something of the game, but it will be hardly anything at all. It will be a matter of interest to see a small glimpse of its final state on the C64.

Mike tells GTW:

"This got nowhere at all… The sprites were basically 4 sprites by 2 sprites tall/wide, with a few of them on screen at once. I basically had the sprite multiplexer going, and I cant even remember if I got the scrolling going before Dave pulled me off it to do something else."

We hope to find something of this game soon, it’s early days yet, though we are hoping that Mike will find something…

Will anything be found of this game?…

Contributions: 7_Zark_7, Mike Dailly

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