Metal Piramid

Operation Mindcryme

Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5


Metal Piramid (and yes, that is the spelling as shown in the game) is a neat platformer which was developed back in the early 1990s by Attila Deák, who would eventually go on to working at Novatrade and on Ecco the Dolphin 2.

The game is a neat little platformer, which reminds me a bit of Hard n Heavy, where you must collect items, avoid/kill enemies and get to the exit. Overall, there are 10 levels to navigate, with an end sequence, so it seems to be complete.

Music was created by Zoltán Nagy (and is tucked away in the game), though the title and game tune is by Neil Baldwin. Seems that the music was temporary and Zoltán’s music was not fully utilized, even though it is there and is being ripped for HVSC.

Richard Bayliss kindly has made a version which uses Zoltán’s music as intended, and you can find this in the download below too.

The game was found lurking on some disks that Csaba Virag had been preserving and obtained from a friend. It isn’t sure if the game was distributed in someway, but it doesn’t seem to have been archived at all – so we are guessing that it is actually unreleased.

Looking at the end sequence, it talks of a sequel which was to appear on the Commodore Amiga – though it never happened by the looks of it. We hope to get hold of Atilla very soon to learn more about this game and the Amiga game.

For now, check the game out for yourself and enjoy thanks to Csaba’s great preservation efforts!

Contributions: Csaba Virag, Sánta Csaba, iAN CooG, Richard Bayliss

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Update history

  • 30/01/24 – Fixed version with proper music added.
  • 25/01/24 – Music details fixed.
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  1. The familiar tune is /MUSICIANS/B/Baldwin_Neil/Another_Tune_for_Joanne.sid =)
    It’s also true that contains 2 Future Composer tunes that will be credited to Zoltán Nagy

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