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A very quick entry for a title which may well be vapourware, but was briefly mentioned in the news pages of Zzap Italia back in 1987.

After the massive success of The Sentinel, it would have been no surprise had a sequel have been in the planning or development stages. Mentioned in the same news item was Revs 2, which we believe would have been Revs+ that was released. Could it be possible that a The Sentinel+ or similar was planned by Geoff?

We’d be massively surprised if anything was started, but you never know – maybe there were plans to expand the game and get a bit of extra life out of the title.

Well, in late 2019 – contributor Fabrizio Bartoloni found a small snippet in Games Machine magazine issue 1 (See scans), where a sequel was mentioned as being pondered. This must have been where Zzap Italia got the information from.

So did Geoff ever get to start his sequel, or was it parked for other productions like Stunt Car Racer?

Contributions: Luca Bertoldi, Fabrizio Bartoloni

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09/12/2019 – Information from Games Machine issue 1 added thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni.

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  1. While ZZap! Italy had some entertaining and deceiving April’s fools, the WIP of The Sentinel II was announced also in a text snippet from first issue of The Games Machine (the original English language edition, not its Italian counterpart), see page 50, upper left corner box. It also says its name was subject to change later in development:

  2. The Sentinel 2 was only an April Fool, a fake preview of Zzap! Italy. The graphics have been released by a friend of italian magazine.

    • Was there another issue with preview screenshots in Ivan? This one was just a snippet, but it seems plausible, as there was a Revs+ – hence thinking there may have been a Sentinel + in the works too.

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