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Hmmm…i’m not 100% sure about this one, but thanks to Romppainen we are able to highlight what seems to be a possible conversion of the impressive Midwinter game from the Amiga/ST. This was a strategy game developed by Mike Singleton and even in the press it was clear that this could never get a proper conversion on the C64 without some epic programming feat.

CSDB has hosted a crack by Lazer for a while now, which contains pretty much a static slideshow of C64 based screens showing gameplay and various parts of the game. Was this just a fan of the game doing some mockups?… a joke for the scene or a real conversion that never got past the proof of concepts in this demo?

Well, one thing is that we know that Midwinter was apparently rumoured as a possible C64GS title, so are these proofs from this? Details about a possible cartridge version was mentioned in an interview with Mike Singleton from Zzap 64 1991. It was talked about doing the game as a sprite based game and making use of cartridge technology, but it was only probably talk to be honest.

It’s early days – do you know more?…

For now, check out the impressive stills and judge for yourself!

Contributions: Romppainen, Andrew Fisher

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