Moebius Strip


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Also known as: Moebius Strip

Another V1 title, with an interesting story behind it too! It was always wondered by Andrew Fisher if originally Antony Crowther’s “Challenge of the Gobots” game was something else before. Well we now have confirmation thanks to Andrew that the game was to be called “Moebius” / “Moebius Strip” and released by Alligata software. However, Antony moved to Ariolasoft and took the game with him.

At first the game had nothing to do with Gobots, but it was quickly changed and had Ross Goodley provide an animated storybook bolted on to make it an official Gobots game. According to the Computer Gamer write up, the game as a result was a heck of a lot better than the original Alligata title.

However, the Moebius tag is still used in the final released game with the full title being “Challenge of the Gobots – On the Moebius Strip”. It might have been that Tony had planned for it to be based on Gobots, but Alligata didn’t have the licence and hence he called it Moebius (Some say it was actually called “Moebius Strip”).

We are now trying to find out if anything exists of the original game in its original form. How different would it have been? Would it have been the same game with Gobot sprites, or something vastly different?

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11/03/23 – Added scan from article confirming details before it became Challenge of the Gobots.

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