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Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

This isn’t much of a game, but in some way I actually like it.

You control a very colourful glow-worm type creature, which flys through a colourful set of parallax stars backdrop. You must collect as many of the objects that fly past as possible, so to progress to the next stage, which is the same with a different colour scheme.

The game also features a nice rendition of Teddy Bear’s Picnic by GRG/Blues Muz, which suits the game quite nicely.

As a game in itself, it doesn’t offer too much in terms of playability, but its likely that a later version would feature much more detailed gameplay.

It’s unknown how far the preview did reach, or whom was to release the game, but its a shame if it were never finished or progressed past this preview.

There are some names, and hopefully this will lead to more information on this funny little game.

Colourful glow-worm action on your C64…

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