Mortal Kombat 2

Hermit Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Possibly a bit of a shock for you now, as we take a look at a GTW entry for Mortal Kombat 2! Out of nowhere, an unofficial conversion of the sequel appeared, and a bloody good looking conversion too when you think of the tragedy of what was Street Fighter 2 on the C64.

Mortal Kombat 2’s C64 conversion was started by Hungarian crew Hermit Software back in 1998, and instead of just trying to do some wired ports of the digitized characters, the game features some properly pixeled graphics which work very well within the graphical limitations of the C64 – though of course with hi-res FLI and interlacing you would probably get as good as Mega Drive ;-)

Unfortunately, the game never got to a fully playable stage, but there is this demo which shows one of the characters moving around on a test level. Additionally there are many parts including the introduction sequence, title screens, character selection screens (functional) which all look very impressive indeed!

The project has been confirmed to have been scrapped and will never get completed it seems. We don’t believe that the game got any further than this, but it would be lovely if there was something more playable out there yet to be shown.

We are guessing that this conversion was done for pure fun, and it looks as if a lot of heart has been put into the conversion… as much as the Pinball Dreams conversion that was also abandoned. Well worth checking out to see a glimpse of how something like Mortal Kombat could be feasible on our humble breadbin.

Start of what could have been a mind blowing conversion, sadly never completed…

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