Parky 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Parky Goes Home (?)

This is a short entry highlighted to us by Vinny Mainolfi, who spotted a news item talking about the new Parky the Penguin game.

The same news item talks about a sequel which was due out not long afterwards, featuring Parky the Penguin. This sequel never appeared – or at least, didn’t under the CheetahSoft label any way.

CheetahSoft seemed to disappear, so what we think happened is that the developer “N. Jameson” took the sequel along to “K’Soft” and had the sequel released under the name of “Percy”, or “Percy Goes Home” as it was also known.

So, was this sequel actually intended to be “Parky Goes Home”?  We think so, but will keep this case open for now.  Maybe there are remnants of “Parky” in the Percy game in the form of text/credits.

Contributions: Vinny Mainolfi

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