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I’m not entirely sure why we haven’t added this entry to the archive much sooner, as we’ve been aware of this set of pictures from Robin Levy for many years now.

Xenophobia was first highlighted to GTW by the late Jason Kelk some years ago, and it was a prompt from Baracuda after creating a picture demo (see downloads) which led us to creating this entry and trying to do some initial digging about it.

It was suggested that the name was the prelimary name for Armalyte, though Robin confirmed otherwise. The game was inspired by a slogan in 2000AD’s DR & Quinch, and a demo that was seen at a Llamasoft stand called “Die Alien Filth”.

We hope to learn more soon about the game, and how far it got exactly and why it was cancelled. For now, check out Robin’s fantastic artwork.

Contributions: Jason Kelk, Baracuda, Robin Levy

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