Dance on a Volcano


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5


An Italian title which may have been released, but is currently missing and yet to be preserved. Can you help us and to recover it?

Dance on a Volcano was a strategy/adventure game by the looks of it, and was previewed in Zzap Italia issue 28 in 1988. We hope to get a translation of this very soon added to the page.

We’re not sure who was due to release the game, but it seems a huge shame, as the magazine loved the game and gave it a 98% rating overall. This is even though the game was very basic looking – the concept seemed to win them over.

The game is sadly still at large, and much is still not known about it overall – though the programmer and artist are listed.

If you know anything more about this game, please do get in touch.

Contributions: Roberto Nicoletti

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