Pegasus And The Trials Of Perseus


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Pegasus and the Trials of Perseus was yet another early C64 game that got some heavy advertising, but never seemed to quite make it for reasons unknown yet. There were various adverts in magazines at the time, and even a review!

As described by the review (if it was indeed a review at all – see the scans and the same matching screenshot as the advert), the game puts you in search of the treasures of the gods. You have the favor of Olympus as you ride Pegasus, the great winged stallion. On your steed, you soar skyward to perform heroic deeds. Following the riddled advice of Zeus, you then fly over the rolling hills of Greece towards the temples of the Titans. When you dismount, sword in hand you must fight Cyclops, Medusa and the Centaur.

The game also had speech synthesis throughout and various 3D effects and looked pretty good in its single static screenshot.

So what happened to the game?…. we aren’t quite sure, but Tymac did release a few titles for the C64. Maybe they went bust just before it got a release?

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Contributions: Peter Weighill

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