Panic Creations

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Sadly another puzzle game which I don’t have much information about. Nor do I know how to play.

If I haven’t mentioned it earlier, then if anyone would care to elborate about how some of these games are meant to be played, then please feel free to email GTW, as the help would be much appreciated, and will help write a better review.

The graphics are average, though are clear and are suitable for a puzzle game. The music is by Jeff/Camelot, and is one the main highlights of this preview.

I’m not certain how large the preview is, and how far the final version reached. It is likely that no further version was made beyond version 1.

Contributions: Compounded

Supporting content

Available downloads

Update history

09/02/17 – Added credits thanks to Compounded.

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2 Responses to Pyramid

  1. Jer (Jari Tuominen) did both the code and graphics for this game which appears to have been spread in late 1995. All of the cracks on csdb are the same version – V1. Panic have been inactive for a number of years so it might be difficult to confirm if later versions were produced.

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