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Quix is a new title for GTW which has been uncovered by Jazzcat.

This is a title which has a familiar style of gameplay to a level out of Terminator 2, where Sarah Connor had to escape from an insitute. The main character resembles that of the guy from Future Knight, it could almost be that game at first glance.

Andreas Stremler recently dug out his disks for fixing up to release what remains of this small preview in its early stages.

It is not 100% playable, though you can roam around the level and transport through the various doors to other platforms.

Obviously being an incomplete game, it needs a lot of work, but it is a nice little old school game which is good to see after all these years of probably gathering dust on an old disk. At least people can take a look at someone’s hard work and possibly wonder what if with this title.

This seems to be all that was ever made of the game before it was scrapped. The reason for it being scrapped is currently unknown. The game was meant for a publisher, but it is not known who.

GTW hopes to speak with Andreas very soon to get his own views on his work and hopefully to shed some more light on this title.

A nice incomplete little game with a touch of old school…

Contributions: Andreas Stremler

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