Race Through Space

Kim Lundorff Madsen

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Our next entry is a title that was apparently intended for Firebird, though it may have been wishful thinking. Was it ever submitted to Firebird, who in 1989/90 were changing into MicroProse software?

The game itself seems to have never been finished, perhaps because a publisher was never found. It is a fairly simple sideways scrolling car racing game (in space, as the title suggests) but is a little too fast to be fully playable and needs some adjustments. It comes with some nice digi sounds and does have plenty of promise at this early stage.

It is unlikely that the title ever got beyond this stage and was probably leaked out to be cracked. It would be interesting to hear from the developer about the game and what the plans were exactly, so we hope to learn more about the title in the future.

Contributions: Jazzcat

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