Rampage V1


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

An interesting entry for our next title. Activision have a history of different versions of their games existing – Wonderboy, Afterburner, Time Scanner, Enduro Racer, Karnov to name a few. Could Rampage have been yet another to add to the list?

This demo has been around for some time now, but the scroller suggests that this preview was actually preview of a game in development. With Bart Meeuwissen (White/The Judges) being the main developer, and Marco Scheepers as the graphic artist (who later did the graphics for 5th Gear). The demo shows a potential loading screen, and then a character selection screen.

We assume that the game was in development, but there are no clues online to anything else leaked or what happened to this other development. We believe that Jeroen Kimmel would have been involved in the music, but nothing in HVSC suggests this just yet.

A lot will result on us finding Bart and Marco, and getting their input of what was happening at the time. Was this an official production for Activision, or just made up text for the demo? Time will tell!

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  1. C64 Rampage was created by Michael Archer and myself (David Jolliff) with Mark Jones creating the graphics. We were part of the Catalyst Coders team under contract with Activision to produce this game.

    Bob Pape who was working in the office with us at the time, produced a very nice Spectrum 48k version of the game.

    • Thanks David – i’ll pass those credits onto Gamebase64. This particular Rampage was another which may have been in production too, completely separate dev team.
      Loved your conversion by the way – I pretty much grew up playing it! :)

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