Big Business

Magic Bytes

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Big Business is a strategy game where you have to run a business and do various dodgy things. It’s a combination of business and humour according to most reviews for the Amiga platform. – on which it actually got a release. The C64 version is sadly lost at sea for reasons currently unknown.

With the game itself – you have to get things like raw materials coming in to supply a production line, building factories, pumping money into research and development. You can do things such as spy on other companies, sabotage and even take them over too. According to the reviews, the actual humour is lacking, and just seems to be limited to the cartoony graphics throughout.

The game was fairly well recieved across magazines, but didn’t do too well overall. Maybe a C64 version wouldn’t be missed after all, but still it would be nice to find out what happened to it and maybe even find a full game?

In around 1991, most developers would be focusing on the Amiga first and then C64. Maybe after the flop of the Amiga version, they decided to drop the C64… or just dropped C64 support anyway like most developers were at that time. How many C64 games did you see by Magic Bytes in 1991/92??

Anyway, we need developer names… we assume it was a fully German production so hopefully some German viewers can help us with this one?…

Not much else known as present…

Contributions: Marco

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