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Another lost Antony Crowther game, and mentioned in an interview many moons ago. This was to be an official game linked with the Red Arrows RAF display team. Antony at the time said the following:

“They’ve asked us to write a program – they asked Commodore too, and they wrote back with some ideas, but I just laughed at it! Trouble is, they just want the stunts – I’ve got to figure out a way to make it into a game. It’s got to be really well thought out, because it could just end up looking like a commercial for the Red Arrows.”

It seems that Tony moved onto another game instead, and didn’t end up coding his own version. The title would later be developed by Database Simulations (The same people who did the Fun School games)…

Tony confirmed that no work was ever started and he never got properly working on the project as a whole.

Case closed.

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05/07/20 – Tony confirms not ever starting development of the game.

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  1. There was a letter in Zzap64, Nov’85 from a Craig Baird, who’d won a copy of the C64 version of the game in a Zzap64 compo, but after waiting 30 days+ had not recieved it, Database had promised Zzap a finished C64 version by compo’s closing date, but they hadn’t delivered anything.

    Wonder what the poor compo winners recieved instead?.

  2. I can’t find a developer name for the C64 version, but the Spectrum one was coded by an Alan Mellor. The game was reissued by Alternative Software some years later though, and I know some of Tony’s games also were, could be coincidence.

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