CP Verlag

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Erm, if you are expecting a fast action shoot-em-up for our next preview, then think again.

Nah, its not crap or anything, but more the beginning of a game, and not much of one at the moment in this preview.

The titles are there, the graphics are there, and nice looking they are too… You have a main craft and everything that moves, but no enemies and therefore nothing to keep your blasting finger happy with.

From the still screen, you can assume its gonna be another invaders clone, possibly along the same standards of Mega Starforce by the same publishers (I think).

CP Verlag never got their hands on this one for their label, and its unknown why exactly. With the credits present in the game, hopefully more will be found out soon about this game. Maybe there is a playable version out there?

Nice to look at….

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