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Yet another Thalamus title goes into the archives after a feature in Zzap Italia on the company.

Here it was mentioned that Restrictor was coming to the C64 – with the following (translated thanks to Luca Bertoldi):

“Arc decided to work on an original game, Restrictor, in which you can have fun by driving and flying. Since the game is in an early development status, we do not know if we will first see the 8-bit version or the 16-bit one, but you can see in the picture that the game will let you control a super car and a flying vehicle along a 3d landscape. There will be 4 planets to explore and many alien waves to fight. Right now the scrolling looks very smooth, who knows what we can expect in the final version.”

So at the time, only the 16-bit version had been seen – it isn’t known if the C64 version was ever even started, so a lot more digging is required.  We’re not sure if the Zzap Italia mention was a red herring or not.

It seems that Tiertex were behind the 16-bit version, and Arc Developments for the 8-bit edition.  Did it get far?  Even the 16-bit version never made it, and apparently was in development as late as 1992 before Thalamus went under.

Watch this space!

Contributions: Luca Bertoldi, Brendan Phoenix

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  1. July 1990 issue of The One magazine had Richard Underhill saying ideally he’d liked to have written an Atari Lynx version of this game, so there’s another format that this game could have appeared on, had things been very different.

    Not C64 related, but if you ever do an Atari GTW (fingers crossed)…..

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