Revenge Of The Mutant Pepperpots


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A slightly different GTW this time, with us looking for a magazine listing from BigK magazine. The BigK magazine only ran for 12 issues and from issue 8 to issue 12, for the listings they had in their magazine, they also included a tape covers page where you could cutout a cover for the tape that you saved the listing on.

One of the covers was for a game called "Revenge of the Mutant Pepper Pots", but although advertised, BigK didn’t seem to last long enough for the game to ever surface in later issues. The game was never listed in any of the magazines earlier.

We are unsure who wrote the game, but would be interested to find out if it is still out there somewhere.

It’s very likely that it could just be down to finding the programmer who may have a print out or the game on disk somewhere.

We dont know exactly what the game was about… it could well have been a space invaders clone, or maybe a Pssst clone. Who knows?… Do you?

Much more research needed for this one!

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