Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Thanks to Joerg for bringing this game to my attention, this is a game which Nipson were working on, and what an impressive looking game it is!

Featuring an excellent 3D tunnel effect, although limited, the game looks really stunning, with plenty of excellent graphics and 3D to make it look like a 3D0 game of somekind… I think the game i’m thinking of is Microcosm.

Unfortunatly its not too playable, too short and a bit of a pain to play at the moment.. but it looks the bees knees and could have been very special had it been finished.

Nipson may have decided that the project was too complicated and decided to pack it in. It was quite a hefty task, and without the ability of the tunnel to turn anywhere, it could have resulted in a boring game in nice packaging… Still, we don’t know that and there is more to find out about this game in the future.

There are some links, and we have been put in contact with ASL/Nipson, who will hopefully shed some more light on this title very soon. We will also be adding the HVSC music too for the game at a later stage.

But overall, we should soon find out how much further it got, and if we will ever see more of the game.

Similiar to Iridiron in some ways on the GBA….

Contributions: Joerg "Nafcom" Droege

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