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Thanks to Joerg Droege for bringing this game to our attention. Rigor is a game which Nipson back in the mid-90s, and what an impressive looking game it is!

Featuring an excellent 3D tunnel effect, the game looks really stunning with excellent graphics to make it feel similar to Microcosm/Iridion 3D or similar.

Unfortunately, its not too playable, too short and a bit of a pain to play at the moment. However, it does look great and I’m sure could have been improved and made rather special.

Nipson may well have decided that the project was too complicated and decided to pack it in. It was quite a hefty task, and without the ability of the tunnel being able to turn anywhere, it could have resulted in a rather simple game with nice graphics covering its flaws. Still, we don’t know that and there is more to find out about this game in the future.

We had been in touch with ASL/Nipson (Andrzej Sielicki) many years ago, but sadly didn’t hear anything more about the game with our initial enquiries. We’ve just learnt thanks to MDW (see comments) that Andrzej sadly passed away in 2021.

Hopefully we will get the opportunity to speak with Rico to find out more about the game’s history and what the intentions were.

Contributions: Joerg Droege, MDW

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  • 16/01/22 – Fixed credits
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  1. I still can’t believe that ASL died. He “forced” me in 1995 to visit the first demoscene party in my live (Intel Outside 2 in Warsaw/Poland). We created and released together one game for Amiga Classic (“Twilight Knights”, (C) 1997 L.K. Avalon). He was very helpful, always full of ideas… ASL was using Amigas but he never sold C64. I think he couldn’t because it was the most important computer of his life. He loved sound generated by SID. :)

  2. Rico showed me this unfinished game on his C64 (and C128) in 1995-96. It was working and looking very well. In 1995-97 I was at Rico’s house several times. We also met several times in ASL’s home. Both are awesome people. Unfortunately ASL died in 2021. :( It was terrible information for me.

    • Thanks MDW – that is very sad to hear about ASL and i’m very sorry for your loss. I have updated the page and tidied things up a bit to reflect the news.

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