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Updates made

  • 18/10/15 – Hi-res scan and screens added thanks to loan from Lee Heise
  • 08/12/14 – Photo of catalogue added thanks to Lee Heise
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Advertised in Home Computer Weekly issue 104, Rhyme Land was to be an educational game where children can deveop their skills of logic and deduction, improve their reading and spelling, and at the same time have tremendous fun.

There were 33 locations to explore with colourful graphics, but what happened to this exciting game? 🙂

Unfortunately it seems that none of the C64, Amstrad, MSX or Spectrum conversions ever surfaced and this one is very much at large. Did it get completed for any of the platforms.

In the advert, it seems to be C64 screenshots that are shown … which don’t look particularly impressive for 1985, with use of the standard Commodore ROM character set it seems.

Maybe this game got caught up in the transition to “Anco”? … We are not sure, but it would be interesting to learn what happened to this game. Was it one of the Anirog regulars who produced the game? D.R.Gamon? Sam Manthorpe? Darrell Etherington??

Thanks very much to Lee Heise, we were able to make full quality scans from a very rare Anirog brochure, which shows another screenshot and also some high quality artwork that would have been on the final cover.

Much more research needed, but can you help at all?

Contributions: Lee Heise

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  1. Luc says:

    The game did exist, I ordered it from Anirog back in 1985(6?). I had it on tape and it’s been in my possession for years. Unfortunately I don’t think I have it anymore. 🙁

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