Rings Of Medusa 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Another amazing looking C64 title bites the dust, again suffering from what was probably the gradual death of the C64.

After completing Rolling Ronny, the guys were assigned to work on Rings Of Medusa 2, a stunning RPG game which was being done for Starbyte and Virgin.

90% of the graphics were fully completed for the game, and essentially it just needed the code to bolt it all together. Starbyte approached Markus Schneider to do the code, but he refused due to personal reasons.

Starbyte did not bother to try and get any other coder to take the project, and so the game was cancelled with its 90% complete graphics. Probably the cancellation was the result of Starbyte moving away from the C64 for good?

Looking at the graphics, these are awesome, and it certainly could have matched the heights of the first game. A huge shame that the title never had a chance.

Hopefully some day we will be able to see more of the game and what it looked like, but Oliver has many images of the game, including a very large map which has been pieced together. For what was made, it certainly looked great.

So there is nothing to find of this title, apart from maybe the odd bit of graphics for a potential slideshow in the future. But check out the screenshouts courtousy of Oliver and his website.

Awesome to look at, but it only ever became an art galery…

Contributions: Oliver Lindau, Marco

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Oliver Lindau speaks about Rings Of Medusa 2..


The sequel to the German top seller Rings of Medusa is a mixture between a strategy game like Kaiser and a role playing game. It was famous for its intense game play, complexity and presentation (only the 16-Bit versions).

It’s definitely the strangest end of a project I was involved. Right after finishing the Rolling Ronny graphics, the X-Ample artists Michael Satzer (Detert), Thomas Heinrich in addition with me were engaged to prepare the visuals for Return of Medusa. Markus Schneider was asked for code, but he refused the contract because of personal reasons.

Guess what: Starbyte didn’t search for another coder, even though 90% of the game graphics were ready to implement."


"This is the sequel of the top-seller "Rings of Medusa", which was very successful in Germany.

The maps were created by Michael Satzer and Thomas Heinrich. The rest was done by myself."

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