Rolling Thunder GS


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Well, thanks to David Wightman – we learn of yet another C64GS title that never quite made it.

Rolling Thunder was to be a title developed for either Ocean or US Gold (To be confirmed) by Imagitec.

David remembers seeing the artwork for it and being asked if he wanted to work on it.  David declined and then the game was never seen again.  David suggested that the C64GS was locked up in a metal suitcase as it was top secret, suggesting that this game was in development long before Double Dragon was for Ocean.

So who exactly at Imagitec was working on it?  We hope to learn more soon, and hopefully Barry Leitch will know.

Contributions: David Wightman

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2 Responses to Rolling Thunder GS

  1. Anything ever come of this?.

    I ask, as i found someone who was supposed to have worked on ‘art’ for the planned Atari Lynx version, but by art, not sure if that was box art/in game graphics or what.I tried to reach him, but never had any reply and it jogged my memory over the C64GS version…

    • Nothing more yet Ross – another that needs chasing up. I had mailed Barry about the game, but didn’t get a response. Will try again soon!

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