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Not worthy probably of individual entries, some of these may exist – but RR Software was one of the companies who popped up in a bedroom when the C64 was dying – very much like Visualize or EBES.

The company ran by Rowan Veale was ambitiously trying to release a series of games for the C64 to keep the machine going. This was whilst him and his brother were in their teens. Nothing much was known about the company, and it wasn’t until Commodore Cracker did a piece on them to shed some light….

“Last month I did a small piece on R.R. Software. Now Rowan Veale, the man behind R.R. has sent me a proper article on his new C64 company. So here it is, straight from the horses mouth so to speak….

“R.R. Software is a new software company for the Commodore 64. We are currently programming our first games due for release in March 95. We are always on the lookout for new games to publish through R.R Software, so if you have programmed a game then send it to us and if we think its good enough we’ll publish it for you on some excellent terms. Our first release “Deep sea world” will be out in March and features at least four levels of baddie killing shoot ’em up action. Future releases include: “Insect World”, “Jurrasic World” and maybe “Doom in the Dead Sea”, a text adventure or two and “House of Horrors”. These games will probably be just £1.99 each on tape or disk and £3.99 on Microdrive Wafer.”

The release schedule was as follows:

Deep Sea World — March — £1.99
Drack Attack — May — £2.25
Doom in the dead sea — TBA — £1.99
Insect World — June — £2.25
Jurassic World — TBA — £1.99
Jungle World — TBA — TBA
Arctic World — TBA – TBA
Dimentional Warrior — TBA — £2.50
Little Dome Folk (Unknown)
Dinnamick Donkey Duo

It is suspected that all of the games were SEUCK efforts and many were never actually started. A few we believe were complete and it is hopeful that Rowan will get chance to dig them out for us.

We have been in touch and apparently these should be on disks in their parents attics. It is something we hope we can preserve one day.

In the meantime, we managed to successfully save two early previews of Deep Sea World. The second demo was blocked off, which I have now unblocked and which allows you to see a lot more of the game. It seems to have written over the top of Outlaw, like I used to do myself! We are not sure if the game progressed much further than this.

More soon we hope!

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Creator speaks

Rowan Veale talks about R.R Software:

“I was surprised and pleased to receive your e-mail. I had a look at your site, and what you’re doing is very interesting.

Commodore Cracker was an awesome fanzine back in the day – it really used to crack me up. I’d forgotten about it until I saw your e-mail. As for the games you mentioned, they were developed by me and my brother using the SEUCK, except for Little Dome Folk, which was written in Basic. I think Commodore Cracker did carry demos of some of them.

They were basically games that we wrote for fun while we were in our teens and still living at home. I don’t think we actually finished any of them, except possibly Little Dome Folk, and another shoot em up game that I wrote and wasn’t included in your list (unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it either). What we did complete will be sitting in my dad’s attic in one of many cardboard boxes containing mountains of cassette tapes with C64 games on them. If I was back in Scotland then I would be interested in having a look for them and seeing if they still work on one of the old C64s also sitting in the attic, but currently I’m living in Australia so that’s not really possible.

I am curious though, are there still people doing things with the C64 after all this time? I eventually got too caught up with other things and stopped paying attention.”

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