Science Fighter


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Sounds like a fight that has broken out in a Chemistry lab, but the game doesn’t quite resemble that in this sideways shoot-em-up.

Quite a fair bit has been done for this game, all but the actual game itself. We’ve got a nice title picture, title screens and bits and pieces, but the game itself is at a early stage.

One thing that is almost put down, is actually doing the game’s picture and everything else first before the actual game, as the game never gets completed and the work never goes in as much as it should.

Science Fighter seems to be a case of this problem. The game’s engine is coming together, building a nice little sideways SEU, but not a lot is going on and the graphics are quite simple.

It’s got the potential of a nice sideway SEU however, and it would be interesting to know of a later version, possibly with attackwaves or other levels.

It seems a shame that the presentation may have gone to waste.

Strange name, but its no chemistry lesson…

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