Legend Of Fairghad


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This will be a quick entry, as we know nothing about Legend of Fairghad apart from the fact that it was meant to be an adventure game. There seems to be no other version in existance and information is almost non-existant (A google search produced our own wanted list :) ).

So its an adventure game, with an unknown date… but likely to be from the 80’s. We have no publisher name and no idea of the plot. So unfortunately this is where this short and sweet review ends :)

Contributor Randall suggests that it may have been a sequel to “Legend of Blacksilver” by Epyx.

Do you know anything about this game?… Anything?!

Contributions: Randall

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  1. This may have been a sequel to “Legend of Blacksilver.”

    Legacy of the ancients (planet Tarmalon; look at code wheel for planet names)
    Legend of Blacksilver (look at ‘Ancients’ code wheel for planet Bantross)

    • Thanks Randall, i’ve updated the piece with that suggestion. Do the code wheels refer to “Fairghad”?

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