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Well, nowadays you’ve got people going on about how GTA 3 is full of bad taste with the ability to have sex with prostitutes and then kill them. It’s however not something limited to games of today, but this kind of thing was going on as early as in the 80’s

Bad Taste Software wanted to do something a bit daring and different to the usual run of the mill games, and wished to push the boundaries a bit with some funny games.

The most well known was Di’s Baby, which got slated and eventually banned… But another game was in production called “Seal Cull” which had you battering Seals to earn points. I’m sure many animal activists were delighted to hear the news of this game.

Surfice to say, Seal Cull has not made an appearance since it was mentioned in various magazines (Including a rumoured review in Your Commodore). It’s last mention was in a C64 Guide magazine in 1990 (Along with Virus by Firebird). Did the game get a release therefore?

Well, we got hold of the chap behind Bad Taste Software, and Seal Cull wasn’t actually one of their games – though it did inspire them to make a re-creation of the game!

No, it seems that Seal Cull was part of a series of games to be released by a company called HardSoft, along with two other games called Aids Attack and Motorway Maniac. It was all a hoax though drummed up by Commodore Horizon’s Chris Jenkins, and exposed by Commodore User magazine. No games were ever actually started!

Next we hope to find the original article which was ran for April Fools, but it is pretty much a case closed with no titles to find!

Contributions: Ross Sillifant

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22/06/14 – Scan added thanks to Ross Sillifant, and mystery of game solved.

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  1. Game by same name also cropped up as part of a trio of annouced games by Hardsoft (Seal Cull, Motorway Maniac and Aids Attack) which turned out to be a rasther poor taste industry April Fools joke.

    See C.U 32 P90 for details.

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