Secret of Robert Roy

OTHIS Software BT

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

secret robertroy2

Our next entry is a very good graphic adventure which is controlled with a joystick to move around different rooms and interact. Similar to games like BAT and Crime Time.

This was a relatively late C64 game in its commercial life, being developed back in 1994 under the label of OTHIS Software BT.

The preview we have here comes on around 3 disk sides in total, so quite a fair bit had been done on the game before there was a decision to cancel it.

As for the reason for cancellation – our suggestion early on is that it may have just been down to the dwindling C64 market at the time.

It is possible that more work was done after this, but we need to locate the developer to learn more about what happened and if more could exist.

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