Shear Panic

Channel 8

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

One of many unreleased games by Channel 8 Software, Shear Panic differs in that its premise doesn’t seem to be educational. Although we have no information on the game we can guess from the tongue in cheek name that it involved some garden shears and a whole lotta panic.

Whether the game was released and is now lost or was never released at all cannot be proven either way. What is for sure is that it has no entry at all on GB64 or Lemon64.

Hopefully someone connected with Channel 8 Software will one day see these entries on their company and come forward with information, and dare we hope, actually code, screenshots or the game itself. With the total GTWs for Channel 8 Software numbering half a dozen it would be a nice find for the C64. As it is instead we have several rather sparse entries instead!

The question is whether this was a VIC-20 only game, which exists and has been preserved. Hopefully adverts will be able to confirm if there was a C64 edition, or if this is an entry that we can close.

Contributions: Hedning

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Update history

06/08/23 – Mention of VIC-20 version added.

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