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Another obscure one, this time by a company called SSoft (Never heard of them!). This one was reviewed in Home Computer Weekly, and was an adventure put on sale to raise money for cat leukemia.

We originally thought that the reason it might be very hard to find (if released at all) was because it was only advertised in cat enthusiasts’ magazines according to the HCW review, though contributor Gareth Pitchford has found an advert from Popular Computing Weekly (vol. 3 n 49, pg 24).

It’s revealed that the game was also available for the ZX Spectrum and also reviewed – though this version is sadly at large too. We think both versions were released, but just had a very limited distribution due to being mail-order only.

For the game itself – the idea of the adventure is that it is the day of the Cat Show and your beloved animal, called Pest, is missing. You basically have to find him, catch him and get him safely to the show. Everything was built in The Quill.

It got a good score overall and was on sale for around £2.95. Did you buy it for either format, and therefore can you help us preserve it?

Contributions: Gareth Pitchford

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04/06/23 – More information and scans added thanks to Gareth Pitchford.

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