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A small entry for now for a SEUCK effort which never quite got to see the light of day, which was produced by Andrew Rodger (famous for Terminus and many tunes on the C64, such as Arnie 2).

Terravision was inspired by the 1984 arcade game Equites (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wT7QSZjozQ) which had a slightly tilted view point for the graphics, and where you control a space man with various weaponry, shooting through various waves of space craft.

The game was completed, though never offered to anyone it seems and so has been gathering dust on a disk somewhere in Andrew’s collection.
It is hoped that the title will be salvaged for the SEUCK vault, and Andrew Fisher is currently working with Drew to get the game preserved.

Hopefully this one will be saved some day!

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Andrew Rodger

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Creator speaks

Andrew Rodger recollects about Terravision:

“The only games I completed that never saw the light of day at all are two SEUCK creations from 1988 (Terravasion and Zuid) – I’ve just been in contact with Andrew Fisher ref. those. They still exist on floppies and I’ll transfer them when I get the chance. I also still have my first musical efforts in Electrosound circa 1986 that were destined for Compunet (I doubt they ever made it that far as I was relying on someone else uploading, before I owned a disk drive).

The graphics (and probably some gameplay elements) would have been inspired by the slightly tilted viewpoint of the 1984 Alpha-Denshi shoot-em-up Equites (it was also a major influence on one of my SEUCK games, Terravasion) – still a favourite coin-op game of mine and one I spent most of my school dinner money on circa 1985.”

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