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"Slammer" is a nice update to the classic Pong theme, with two jetpacked characters and two bats which have to defend a goal and get the ball in the back of the opponents goal.

Featuring some updated graphics, nice sprites and sounds, the update of the classic theme seems to have worked in this preview, being quite addictive and fun to play.

The game was to be played over a series of playing fields with powerups, but was never to be as the game sadly faced the scrapheap before its completion.

Strange really, as it wasn’t like the game was a complete mess or far from completion. However, it happened and the game never found its ways into the hands of many C64 owners.

The game’s creator, Maik Jost was shocked to see his game on the net, as he only released the game to disk magazines and companies. Apparently the game reached a more completed state with added music by Xayne of Crest. Maik hopes to dig this out for GTW very soon.

And yes, the game was completed and ready for release, but according to Maik, it seems that they couldn’t find a buyer for it, so it gathered dust for eternity.

GTW has added the music that Xayne did, which resides in the HVSC, and hopefully soon Maik will dig out the full game for GTW to show to the world.

Classic theme taken up a gear, sadly never released…

Contributions: Maik Jost

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Creator speaks

Maik Jost talks about work on Slammer...

Recently a cousin of mine googled up your site and found "Slammer". I was very shocked (positively) to actually see the game on the net!

I never knew it was ever "released" by Skid Row, as I only sent Demo-Versions to a lot of companies.

The version on your site is the early one without music (which was added later, done by Xayne (of german C64 demo group "Crest")).

Well, what else to write, I would love to give you the version including music, but I don't know how to get my C64-Drive hooked up to the PC.

The game was never "finished" nor sold to anyone. It was released too late, so even the Disk Magazines hadn't any money left for such a quickie.

In fact, there's still more "GTWs" to come from our programming group (Alive Designs), since some games were "sold" to a publishing hose, but they never released it and ripped us off the money. We even did conversions for Amiga and PC at that time.

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