Bug Byte

Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

We have to find this one!…. According to the game’s creator, this was heavily inspired by one of my favourite Vic 20 games of all time, Myraid by Rabbit Software.

This was infact released on the C16 by Bug Byte, and according to Stephen, should have also been released on the C64 too, but for reasons unknown … Bug Byte did not release it.

It is a frantic shoot-em-up which will be very worth finding again, and Stephen offers hope that he may still have something of the conversion on some old disks. Stephen some day will be digging these out for us to try and find some of his long lost games.

For now, check out the C16 conversion at and just hope that we may see a C64 version sometime soon.

Contributions: Stephen Kellett

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