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A game being produced by R Pedersen, who developed a number of games which never made the light of day. The games were all made in MSDOS first, then ported easily over to the C64 and Apple machines.

This game came to light thanks to an interview with Roger. The game is based on the board game of the same name.

Roger tells GTW that the game was created initially on the IBM PC, and was due to have a C64 conversion created. The IBM version was not paid for however, and therefore the C64 version was never fully developed or released. It might have had a test conversion started, but we’re not too sure.

However, after a contributor came forward and mentioned they owned the game – it became clear that the conversion did get finished and was infact released!

After some digging around by Mason, a digital copy (not an original copy) of the game was found thanks to the combined efforts of Mason and Chris Kraus. We are unsure how this crack of the game had been leaked originally – but no-one is known to own an actual original of the game.

At first it was feared we may need to find someone willing to pay for the auction of the actual real game that has recently surfaced (as sadly none of us can afford), but now this isn’t the case for us. The auction though offers the chance for someone to own a copy of the original game though and should go for a fair bit. Then towards the end of 2012, a fully boxed copy was sold on Ebay for around $48, of which we have added a photo from the auction.

Case closed for this one, as it is no longer actually a GTW! (will be removed in the future!)

Contributions: Roger Pedersen, Mason, Chris Kraus, Jerry Kurtz

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3 Responses to Sorry!

  1. …probably would have been a great game had they gone with the BBC concept of using the character Timothy Lumsden and his suffocating mother and doddery father: “language Timothy!”

  2. I have this game as a loose disk for the C64 published by gametek it’s working but I have no idea how to play it. I also have Jeopardy! first edition by the same publisher that I can find little info on.
    Do you know what they would be worth?

    • Hi Craig – if its hard to find, no doubt it should fetch a little bit on Ebay. Do you have any way of backing up the disks before you look to sell them?

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