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Potentially this was originally thought of as vapourware until we had recieved more confirmation, but it was reported that early adverts for Space Ace by Empire/Readysoft were actually reporting a C64 version as coming soon (which you can now see from the scans thanks to Karl Kuras for the heads up, and also to for the scans) . Additionally though in recent times we have knowledge that indeed a deal was being thrashed out for a C64 conversion of Space Ace by Empire software. We hope to have more details on this soon!

Later adverts (and at least the ones we have seen) do not have C64 listed, so it could be that it was scrapped off the list early on. It begs the question though whether anything was actually started, or if they decided it was a bad idea to do a proper laserdisc sized game on a C64. We all remember Scooby Doo by Elite for example, but then we are well aware of Software Projects and their notable attempts converting Dragon’s Lair.

Readysoft did eventually release a C64 title in the form of Wrath of the Demon, which has a kind of laserdisc feel in its graphics for some strange reason. Maybe because of the large cartoony graphics. Maybe a proof of concept was done with Space Ace in Wrath of the Demon’s engine to start with, was scrapped and Wrath of the Demon grew out of the C64’s proof of concept?… A bit far fetched speculation?… Well, it filled up this review a bit anyway!

A little bit of research found no mention of a C64 review, and Zzap’s Amiga review states that no C64 version was known about – but the adverts confirm otherwise!


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