Sonic the Hedgehog


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Black Turk strikes again with quite possibly the most crazy of his creations. Deciding to have a go at seeing what Sonic could be like on the C64, but without the expertise to pull off the scrolling, we got this.

In some ways, its actually pretty funny and you control what looks like Sonic from a retirement home, aimlessly jumping around flat platforms which have a rough resembalance to the iconic first level.

This actually is what I had nightmares about the Master System version turning out to be when I was getting it one Christmas back in 1992, but of course it turned out to be brilliant. Or it would be what i’d expect a Tiertex conversion to have looked like had US Gold got their way and the licence to the game.

This was as far as the preview got, and its great to see. I like Black Turk’s enthusiasm to get these titles converted, but Snow Bros was a far stronger effort.

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