Speed Fighter

Kele Line

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Another game which was said to be released from Kele Line in 1987 (Mentioned in Soft magazine). It is another title from Kele Line which we know little about, but we can guess what happened to it anyway. Maybe it was a jet fighter game in early Afterburner style?

The company sadly went bankrupt in late 1987 and as a result any developments were scrapped. Nothing has ever been seen of the game.

Thanks to Mads (apologies for the delay!), this was to be a game by Søren (Sodan) Grønbech with potentially graphics by Torben Bakager. There was a snippet in Danish magazine ICRUN-1987-January which translates to “No one will tell you anything about Speed Fighter, Søren Grønbech’s next project. It is very secret.”

Jazzcat got hold of Søren who sadly confirmed that the game was never finished, and that he no longer had any of his disks. He had this to say about the game itself:

“Flying around with a spaceship in pre-generated tunnels. I made the gfx myself with a 3D program”.

Sounds great, but sadly it seems that without some kind of miracle, we may never see it!


Lost forever? It seems so :(

Contributions: Anders, Mads, Jazzcat

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Update history

  • 28/11/15 – Confirmed as lost sadly :(
  • 18/10/15 – Coder details thanks to Mads and Jazzcat
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