Spikey and the search for Rip


Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

Spikey and The Search For Rip was a Graphic Adventure Creator based game which was quite good according to Jon Wells. It was submitted to Visualize back in 1994 and placed on their “Coming soon” list, listed as due for October 1994.

Although Jon was sent the complete game, he wanted to enhance it first, but never found enough time to do so. In the end – Spikey never made it to full release and remains unreleased to this day.

The game’s author is also unknown at present, but Jon is hoping to dig out the game and pass it onto GTW to release in its current form.

It’s great to hear that this Visualize title was infact completed and would be playable if found, so its promising news for GTW and one we hope to bring you soon!

Can it be found?… fingers crossed Jon!…

Contributions: Jon Wells

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