Space Wars Alpha


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Apparently this game was actually stolen from German company "E.P.S" by Coco Industries, who cracked this game.

A little bit sad, as the preview doesn’t seem to tell a lot about the game, apart from its a Star Wars based game.

It seems to be a preview of the character information screens, which doesn’t indicate what the style of the actual game was to be about. The information for each character is fairly blank, and there is a date included, possibly for when each character was created.

This may even just be a demonstration of the main controllable characters for the game for a magazine or another company, its not known.

It seems as the event of the game being stolen may have halted progress of its creation. Just how far the game reached before being cancelled is unknown. The game was actually promised for late 1988, and never surfaced at that time.

No credits exist in the program, so trying to find this game and what it was about is going to be a very difficult task, especially because of the year the game was stolen.

Star Wars fans will morn the loss of this game…

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