Ian and Michael Jones

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Sphere is a sideways scrolling shooter, with collidable mountainous objects. Similar to Sanxion a little, with the ability to accellerate the scrolling.

The game was started in 1987 by Ian and Michael Jones, in the hope of quickly pushing the demo around publishers to get interest. The game got to an early stage of progress, but was shaping up well. There are test sound effects by David Whittaker included, but these were just ripped from another game. Level graphics and bits were done by Rob Whitaker, but the sprites were ripped from elsewhere temporarily.

No publisher interest was found, so the game was abandoned very early on. The remains were passed onto Ikari to release back in 1988. However the game had its code recycled and used within a game that was given as a gift to Compunet called Snow Em Down.

This is as far as the game got sadly, so it is a very quick open and closed case.

Contributions: Michael Jones, Gamebaes64 (Shot and download), Rob Whitaker

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